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Swaarm.io Description

Swaarm.io is a 2D tank-themed multiplayer game with Agario Style. Get ready to battle it out against many opponents coming from across the globe. In the early phase of the game, you only control a swarm of 2-3 tanks, and your main purpose to grow it through over time until it becomes the largest one. To increase the size of the swarm, try your hardest to kill bots or finishes off your opponents. The more kills you gain, the larger the size your swarm will reach. Throughout the course of the battle, make sure that you are watchful for deadly attack bots roaming through the map even though they are a nice source to increase your swarm, they are still dangerous and able to steal kills from you or even deal damage to you. In addition, try to defend your swarm from the enemy shots! You must stay alive for as long as possible for a chance of reaching the highest spot on the leaderboard. Good luck to you!


How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move your swarm. Press the spacebar or left click to shoot, hold down the spacebar or the left mouse to shoot repeatedly. Use key Enter to chat.