Share this game! Description is an amazing MMO game based on Agario Style. It is about a multiplayer match in which you will control a popular toy and play against every rival. The main aim of the new challenge is to collect the highest score.

Select a favorite skin or customize your tool before you embark on the adventure in! With the unique look that you love, you can realize your item clearly. Next, roam throughout the playfield to collect glowing gems. They are an important resource that allows you to steadily increase your spinning speed. Not only that, it is the food source in Free For All that helps your gear enlarge. In case you are successful in bumping into slower characters and killing them as well as gathering their remains, you can rank up faster. Be careful! You must avoid hits from stronger ones for survival. They can loot your mass and destroy you easily. Handle your speed to escape or chase properly! Have much fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up.

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