DinoRoyale.io Description

DinoRoyale.io free online is a fast-paced dino arena game online in which you will engage in a battle royale-style combat packed with dinosaurs controlled by the real human players. Rather than taking on the role of a human, you will have to play as one of the huge dinosaurs. The main objective of DinoRoyale.io free online game is to eliminate all other dinosaurs to get crowned as the king of dinosaurs. As soon as the battle is kicked off, you make your way through a huge map hunting for weapons with useful equipment. Then, you make the most use of them to attack other enemies that get in your way. Make sure this attack action is done in a fast way, otherwise, you will be the one that ends up getting destroyed. This is a big chance for you to express your battling style, so feel free to show it off!

How To Play

Use the mouse to direct the movement of your dinosaur.