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VOOS.IO Description

VOOS.IO features up to 24 mafia fighters for all players to play! When you spawn in the arena, you will take control of one mafia around the map and your mission here is to go kill all other rivals. You must have your gun up and always be in a ready position so you can cope with the dangers easily. Fighting with powerful weapons is kind of great as you will have a better chance to win and become a godfather. However, you still need to be careful with your surroundings as you never know when the enemies ambush you. So, try to defend yourself at the same time you kill others. If you want to purchase more mafia, you should go destroy various buildings to get a lot of money. The main goal of VOOS.IO is to turn yourself into the most dangerous mafia fighter in the playing field. Are you up for this mission? Jump into it now!

How To Play

Click the mouse to shoot, use WASD to move and press keys 1-9 to purchase mafia.

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