Galaxystrife Description

What can you expect from a game situated in space? Of course, with Galaxystrife, you will experience much more challenges than other 2D Shooter Space-themed IO games you have enjoyed before. It promises not to let you down! Galaxystrife provides you with engaging battles as well as a lot of action with the fast-paced element. You will command your own spaceship to fly through the huge cosmos filled with shrapnels, explosions and flying bullets. It will be a very tough adventure when you have to deal with those obstacles. Also, the adventure becomes much harder when you come across enemies who are controlling the ships just like you. You have no choices but to collect weapons and special skills to annihilate all those enemies, and don’t forget to collect energy orbs dropped by downed ones to boost your strength. With a wide range of weapons, you will surely have many ways to kill your rivals. Try it now!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to shoot enemies, the right mouse to use your special ability and use the mouse for moving your ship.