Drakes.io Description

Drakes.io unblocked focuses on an epic battle where players from across the world can ride large dragons to kill each other. This battle is so intense and features many fire-breathing actions. As you know, the dragon is a legendary creature that is able to breathe fire. In Drakes.io free game, you can make your dragon emits fire to burn down many objects scattered around on the ground. The more objects your dragon destroys, the larger the size it will reach. During the fight, try to dodge the fire from other enemy dragons as this will burn you down and wipe you out of the game arena, causing your game to be over. Getting killed will force you to restart the game from scratch. Drakes.io online features a wide range of dragon skins. You can try a new one in each game for a brand new appearance! Much fun with Drakes!

How To Play

Move your dragon around the map using the mouse.