Description unblocked will not be a tough io game to you if you already enjoy and conquer other multiplayer io games in the style of Minecraft, or even the original Minecraft game. free online takes you on a new adventure set in a unique 2D world full of platforms. This randomly generated world is not easy to get through when it pits you against various enemies and wicked mobs. You are here to do whatever it takes to survive in this world. Start to make your way through many areas searching for resources, collecting rocks and other necessary materials. You can use the resources to build a big base. With the rocks, use them to throw at enemies to eliminate them all. Never forget to keep your stomach full of food, which can sometimes heal yourself when your health is running low. The more mobs you destroy as well as the longer you survive, the higher the rank on the leaderboard you will reach!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, use key 1 to use a sword, key 2 to throw stones at enemies, key E to eat food, and key 3 to build a block.