Description unblocked pits you against a wicked host of online players. All of you must compete against each other in a huge arena to see who will rule the game arena. Since this is a bot fight, you will spawn in the map with a single bot and you need to make sure that your bot is always strong enough to take on enemy bots. With more than 20 unique abilities, you are always able to strengthen your bit. These abilities can be merged together to create an unbeatable bot that is capable of killing everything in its way. Take advantage of this to get an upper hand on your rivals and try to outplay them all before they kill you. There are plenty of bot battles online in browsers you can enjoy, but make sure you will not skip this one as it brings you a huge amount of fun. Play game now then see how strong your bot can be!

How To Play

Control your bot’s movement using arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse, right mouse or spacebar to attack enemies.